Monday, June 26, 2017

Sunday 12, 2017

All that is hidden – Bernadette Farrell
Summer Gloria – Nick Baty
Ps 24: Answer me, O God – Nick Baty
Warrington Alleluia – Nick Baty
Christ be our light – Bernadette Farrell
New Assisi Acclamations – Nick Baty
Warrington Lamb of God – Nick Baty
In the house of the Lord – Nick Baty
Take Christ to the world – Paul Inwood

We've never before used All that is Hidden as a gathering song – it begins so quietly – but as it contains much of today's Gospel it was a given and worked quite well. Alas, poor Ps 68 was kicked out in favour of Ps 24 (although with the same response). Ps 68 appears just twice in the three year cycle – and one of those times is today. And, as Sunday 12 appears so rarely.... Well, you get the idea.

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